GirlPower empowers girls from 6 to 12 years old with the skills, language, and self-confidence to be better friends and develop healthier friendships through our suite of GirlPower workshops. Girls learn what's normal in a friendship, the difference between healthy and unhealthy friends, and how to stand up for themselves.

Give the gift of GirlPower to that special Tween girl in your life:

Parents - Find out how to bring GirlPower to your daughters
Educators - Teach the GirlPower curriculum in your school
Join us - Attend a GirlPower event in your area

What is GirlPower?

It's time to empower girls. Learn everything you need to know about the GirlPower program with our introductory video. Share it with your girls for a fun welcome!
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GirlPower Workshops

Fun art projects, quizzes, role-playing, dancing, and cool convos! Learn more about the interactive GirlPower workshops available for girls, parents, and educators.
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GirlPower is an internationally recognized program with Licensed GirlPower Facilitators in the US, Canada, and Australia who are teaching the GirlPower curriculum within schools and privately. Friendology 101, the curriculum designed for educators, has been adopted by over 50 schools around the world. 
Grade 6 student, Toronto, Canada
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